D&D Roof Insulations supply a wide range of accessories and aluminium profiles to complement our range of insulation products.

These include:

  • Double Sided Tape

24mm GDA tape (25m per roll)
48mm GDA tape (25m per roll)

  • Straining Wire

Galvanized (25kg per roll)
PVC coated (25kg per roll)

  • Aluminium Profiles in mill finish or white powder coated finish

T-sections (6m lengths)
25mm H-sections (6m lengths)
30mm H-sections (6m lengths)
40mm H-sections (6m lengths)
19mm x 19mm Angle (6m lengths)
White 35mm face Ceiling Main T (3.6m lengths / 20 per box)

  • H-Section

H-section profile

− 25mm H-Section Profile
− 30mm H-Section Profile
− 40mm H-Section Profile

  • Z-Section

Z-section profile

− 25mm Z-Section Profile

  • Angle

Angle profile

− 19 x 19mm Angle Profile
− 25 x 25mm Angle Profile
− 50 x 25mm Angle Profile − 50 x 50mm Angle Profile

Other angles and profiles are available upon request.