Product Description

Alucushion®/Bubblefoil®FR (Fire retardant grade) consists of low density polyethylene and aluminium foil with sealed bubbles of air between the two outer laminates.


Suitable for use in industrial and domestic roofs.

Physical Properties

  • Material Thickness − 4mm
  • Roll width − 1250mm
  • Roll length − 40m
  • Roll cover − 50m²
  • Effective Coverage − 46m²

Thermal properties

  • Alucushion®/Bubblefoil®FR White (code 2906) − 0.99m²K/W
  • Alucushion®/Bubblefoil®FR Double-sided (code 1983) − 1.35m²K/W

These values were obtained with air gaps of 25mm.