Isoboard is a rigid, high density, extruded polystyrene, manufactured in different thicknesses and lengths to meet almost any thermal insulation requirement in the temperature range -30 to +60°C.


  • Over-purlin and Side cladding
  • Cavity Wall
  • Nail-up Ceiling
  • Under soffit ceilings
  • UnderFloor or Foundation Perimeter
  • Inverted Roof
  • Over Truss
  • Over rafter

Physical Properties

  • Surface Finishes: Plain, IsoPine (100 mm centre grooved) or edge bevelled
  • Width: standard 600mm
  • Stock Lengths: Various up to a maximum of 8000mm
  • Thickness: 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm and 80mm
  • Edge Profiles: Tongue & Groove, Straight edge or Shiplap
  • Colour: White