Product Description

Starfibre™ consists of flexible rolls of insulation manufactured from recycled bottles to produce a high quality polyester fibre ceiling insulation which is light-weight, strong, resilient, safe and highly thermally efficient.


Polyester fibre insulation can be used in residential, commercial and many other types of building structures.

Physical & Thermal Properties

Thickness Roll size Density R-value (m²/KW)
40mm 10m x 1.2m 10 0.80
50mm 10m x 1.2m 10 1.00
55mm 10m x 1.2m 6 0.90
75mm 8m x 1.2m 10 1.50
100mm 6m x 1.2m 10 2.00
135mm 5m x 1.2m 10 2.70