Product Description

Starlite® consists of flexible rolls of insulation manufactured from high quality non-combustible glass mineral fibre using an inert thermosetting binder to form a product which is light-weight, strong, resilient, safe and highly thermally efficient. Starlite® is supplied as a plain blanket for ceiling applications, or faced with a variety of scrim re-inforced facings being aluminium foil or white coated aluminium foil for industrial and steel roof applications.


Starlite® is used for thermal and acoustic applications in roofs, walls and ceilings of all types of buildings.

Physical Properties

  • Thicknesses available: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 135mm
  • Standard width: 1200mm
  • Length of rolls: Various
  • Facings available:

Thermal Properties

Density Thickness Thermal Resistance
12kg/m³ 50mm 1.28 m²K/w
12kg/m³ 75mm 1.92 m²K/w
12kg/m³ 100mm 2.56 m²K/w
12kg/m³ 135mm 3.46 m²K/w
Starlite Roof
Starlite Roof
Starlite Roof